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Taverna Stage 

The Olympians Band, Award Winning Dance Performances & Dancing

The Olympians will play the Taverna stage. Their mix of traditional and modern Greek music brings our pop up Greek village to life.  If you are lucky one of the guys may jump off the stage and dance with you! 


Our award winning Greek Dance Performers will also perform.  Check the schedule for performance times.  


Folk Dance Performances and Dance Lessons

Experience the vibrant spirit of Greece at our Greek Festival! Join us as our talented folk dance groups take the stage, bringing to life the rich tradition of Greek dances. These passionate and skilled young performers will showcase the beauty and energy of our heritage, filling the air with excitement and pride. Don't miss this chance to celebrate with us and support our amazing kids!

And why not take a few minutes in your Festival schedule to learn a few dance moves yourself?  We offer dance lessons throughout the day.  Take a lesson then try out your moves on the dance floor!


Kid's Inflatables Zone and Concessions

Be sure to visit our Inflatables Zone for the Kids.  We have a special bounce house for little ones and a separate one for older kids.  Plenty of fun for the kids in the new Inflatables Zone.


Free Photo Booth

Get your photo with the Famous Donkey

Enjoy your Free Photo with family and friends, have fun with the props and backdrop of the Island of Santorini with the famous "Greek Donkey". Ensure you send through your social media to all your family and friends.  


Church Tours
Noon, 2:00pm, 6:30pm

Join us at the Church Tours with Fr. Michael Sitaras at Noon, 2:00pm and 6:30pm.  View the magnificent mosaics and Botticino marble produced under the direction of Bruno Salvatori, a world recognized master of mosaics representing the finest works of Byzantine art in the world and learn about the Greek Orthodox Church. Have you ever noticed the cross that appears on our dome in the sun or moon light.  Isn't it amazing as it magnificently shines on our beautiful golden dome.

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